Headwaters Nutrition is about serving mothers. All mothers, the mother who has a due date around the corner and the mother who may several children of all ages.

This is about you. You are a powerful, unique, intuitive individual. You deserve to understand your body, how to nourish yourself, soul, and spirit. What you put in your mouth has the ability to heal, provide vitality, and influence how you view yourself, your relationships, and the world around you. 

P.S. If you’re not a mother, know that you’re welcome here too. I consult men and women of all ages with a spectrum of health goals.

Individual Sessions

We’ll  explore your:

  • “Normal,” pregnancy complaints like morning sickness, cravings, fatigue, heartburn, or digestive symptoms.

  • New mama symptoms like baby blues, acne, irritability, difficulty losing weight, fatigue while encouraging complete recovery and healthy lactation after birth.

  • Any lingering complaints of fatigue, not feeling like yourself, sleeplessness, being hyper-alert, moodiness, forgetfulness that may linger up to 10 years after giving birth.

I will always keep our plan simple, realistic, and free from diet dogma so you can fully recover from the feat of bringing life into this world.

I’m here to teach, guide and support you on your path to create the healthiest version of yourself. Your health and wellbeing is the foundation of being the best mother, partner, sister, and friend that you can be.

Your symptoms are valid and there is a way out. Regaining your health will require food to become your ally. You are worthy of finding yourself again… at the end of your fork.


New Mama Nourishment

As much as I would like to be at your home cooking you nourishing meals for the first month postpartum, I can’t. So coordinating your family and friends is the next best thing!

I take the pressure off of you and your new family and give your support team:

  • Recipes to help you recover from the amazing marathon of pregnancy and birth. While providing nutrient dense meals to support tissue recovery and lactation.

  • Culinary resources so your support team can cook a nutrient dense meal even if their diet is made up of fast food or if they have knack for burning water (AKA they’re no Gordon Ramsay)

To best serve you, you and I will discuss your pre-birth nutrition and habits, your birth experience, postpartum goals and any dietary restrictions or preferences.

All the meals are catered to support your physical recovery, emotional well being, and healthy lactation so you can find the energy to get through the long nights with a newborn, have a speedy recovery after birth, and regain your health.

I will coordinate a drop off times that work with your schedule. Meals will either come refrigerated, ready to be frozen, or frozen and with reheating instructions.